Developing Sperm Whale Skin!!

It’s an age old, generationally passed down, historical recommendation and mandatory rule for upward mobility and popularity on any level of life, “You must develop, “THICK SKIN!!”

To survive small arms fire and hand to hand verbal combat at close family and kin quarters, you must develop “THICK SKIN.”

Before you leave the safe Haven of Home, journey beyond the sunset and embark upon the unchartered territory called the neighborhood, it is highly recommended that one dawn the protective body armor called, “THICK SKIN.”

To venture out unprepared and unprotected could lead swiftly to years of trauma requiring relentless hours of therapy, permanent mental damage or worse, a fatality. Some have helplessly suffered under an onslaught of attacks, been taken way past the point of no return, made a hostage and some haven’t been seen since. This is what happens when you don’t have “THICK SKIN.”

Long before you darken the doors of elementary, middle and high school, you must have several skills developed. One of which is not a part of school curriculum but definitely ranks right next to reading and writing. It’s called “THICK SKIN.”

No bullet, no fire, no explosive, no amount of water or electricity can serve up enough damage to even be ranked on the same level of competition as does the attack of Words!! No tank, no artillery fire, no Heavy Weight Fighter, no shotgun, or no atomic bomb can deliver a disastrous blow as life ending as WORDS. The only way to survive is to have “THICK SKIN!!”

Why would one need THICK SKIN? It’s protection. Protection from who or what? Attack from people. What they think and what they say. People will talk about you and run your name through the mud, but you have to have tough skin, “THICK SKIN!!”

How does one develop “THICK SKIN?” I quickly asked how THICK IS THICK. How THICK does THICK have to be to prevent a painful fatal attack? Do I grow it? Is it calloused over a period of time?

Here comes the good research stuff. What animals have the thickest skin? I know your answer would include crocodiles and cow leather but a few fun facts reveal even THICKER skin.

A Rhino’s skin can be up to 2 inches thick. A Hippo’s skin is 2 inches thick. A Giraffe’s skin is 3/4 inch thick. A Whale Shark’s skin is a surprising 6 inches thick but a Sperm Whale’s skin weighs in at a whopping 14 inches thick!!

I want Sperm Whale skin. Now that’s insulation and protection. I don’t think I’ll encounter any aquatic predators along my journey but there are some land creatures who pack a bigger punch. LORD, GIVE ME SPERM WHALE SKIN!!! 14 inch THICK SKIN!!

When people attack, we naturally take up a defensive mode, brace for the bomb and simultaneously prepare for an offensive response. It hurts more when the attack is unsolicited. This happens more than not. You are simply minding your own business, doing your own thing and then BAM!! You get hit with mean, cold and cruel words.

Half lies and fabrications are shot in succession. You were not ready.

When War is waged, we want to sanction War!!! No, you just have to have THICK SKIN!! Fourteen inch Thick Sperm Whale Skin!!

Unmoved and unbothered? Flinch-less and Unshakable? Unfazed and Untouched? I have to admit my skin hasn’t calloused to this thickness yet.

I don’t want to become even more clever with comebacks! I can be quick with it. I’ve already prepared and loaded my verbal gun to get the average attacker off of me. I live with one in the chamber and an extra banana clip in my pocket. That’s where I come from but I desire to be better. What makes it so easy is the person attacking most times is a walking target for a scattered shotgun blast anyway. I want THICK SKIN, I don’t want to become cold and bitter. I could easily yield to the temptation to run and disappear.

I was born equipped with a profane response. I can string them together like nobody’s business and especially when I’m upset and angry. No bars held. The prodded beast will be unleashed with no chain of restraint at all. I need “THICK SKIN!”

If angered, I won’t stay angry. When my temperature cools and rational thinking returns, I will be standing in the middle of a field of carnage and shrapnel. Like Rick Ross said, “A lot of guns, a lot of drugs, a lot of dead bodies!!” The remnant of a Category Five Hurricane with the personality of a rebellious Raging fire. This thing could flame back up at any moment. This I don’t want. I would rather “THICK SKIN!”

My latter thought whispers to me to shut all my social media down and refuse access to everyone but those closest to me. I can go ahead and live out my life out somewhere in the middle of nowhere. Naw….I ain’t cut like that.

I’m thinking!!! Maybe 14 inch skin won’t help me. Maybe I don’t need thicker skin, I need to lose my hearing. Then, I wouldn’t have to lose sleep thinking about what cruel things someone said about me. If I don’t hear it, I don’t have to deal with it. It’s my ear gate!! Guard my gate!!!!!

Maybe I don’t need THICK SKIN, maybe I need selective sight whereby I can only see The good that people do and not their evil deeds against me? Numb me, so I won’t feel a certain way when people do me wrong. Its my eye gate!! It’s my feelings!! Guard my gate!!!

I can hear you saying. “You just need THICKER SKIN!!” When I walk up, don’t be surprised. I’ll be the half blind, totally deaf, emotionless man with 14 inch THICK SKIN!!

Hammer said it best, “Can’t Touch This!!”

I love you


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