Stolen Kisses From a Good Girl

Bad girls fight in their sleep. Good girls rest peacefully. I know it’s dark but I’m watching you from this side of the bed. I can tell you’re a good girl. I’m not only watching you but what hovers over and around you. There is comforting aura of protection that shields and takes up residence all around you. I know you think it’s the covers but it’s warmer than that. I can see healing and restoration taking place while you rest. The tempo of your heart rate is being controlled for maximum benefit. You’re a good girl you deserve rest.

Bad girls deserve karma. They fight, run and scream for their life in their sleep. They’re eyes are closed but they are wide awake internally. Reaping and sowing always go together. For bad girls,The Reaper comes to collect and torment at night.

Good Girls deserve to be loved and loved on. It’s why I’m here I want to love on you. Even while you rest, I’m trying to come up with ways to love on you. I can’t resist I gotta get closer. I slowly reach for you under the covers and I anticipate the warmth of your skin. How comforting is human touch. It’s an entire language all by itself. It’s universal at best. It’s a genuine expression of a person’s internal love pulse. I speak with my touch. I care, I need you, I appreciate you, I want you, I accept you, I forgive you, I miss you, I’m here for you, I understand you and even I trust you, are all conveyed in a simple touch. There is no body pillow, or pet that can offer the same feeling as the human touch of love. We are face to face, I am wide awake and you are fast asleep. It’s dark but I don’t need light, my love knows your coordinates. I quietly select my destination, shift the covers and move into position. I don’t want to startle you or wake you so I move with the speed of a sloth and the stealth of a stalking serpent. I’m stealing kisses!!

There is nothing sweeter than stolen kisses from a good girl. I aim to get a taste. You don’t think I’m going to be locked up in this Krispy Kreme bed and bakery all night and don’t taste nothing do you? Slowly I get closer. It may be all in my mind but it looks like she’s sleeping with puckered lips. The relaxed position of her cheek on the pillow puts her in the perfect position. I didn’t read it but I believe God dusts the lips of good girls with sugar at night. My mouth is watering and My taste buds are on fire.

What makes this so phenomenal is that she’s sleep and she can’t kiss back. I’m actually turning my head and strategizing how I’m going in for the big one. If I’m getting charged the maximum sentence, it’s got to be worth it. Top lip peck? Bottom lip smooch? Double lip peck or press the Inside of mine inside hers. I just want to kiss and hold on her lips long enough to absorb the sweetness. Greedy gets you caught but I can’t help myself. I’m in the chocolate vault and I’ve got a sweet tooth outta this world. When we get back to my side of the bed i can enjoy the bounty.

Hey man!! Go in and get what you can and get out. Kiss her good enough that it plays into whatever dream she’s having. I’m easing in closer and trying to regulate my breathing at the same time. I’m trying to lean in and not wake her. Those warm, soft, sugary lips. The closer I get, I feel her heat, I stop a few centimeters before our lips touch and I can feel her breathing. My heart rate is up, I’m stealing kisses from a good girl. I go for it. Magical it is but I can’t let go. I want to open up and give her more but she’s sleeping. My lips on hers, I whisper the words, I love you on her lips to leave my mark. Every good burglar leaves his mark. One kiss more and I back away. I lay back on my pillow with a grin that says I’ve just successfully pulled off a bank heist for billions. As agreed, I split the wealth as promised. I lick my lips and enjoy it with the rest of my soul. When she wakes, she won’t even know. I’ve crept in loved on her and left out with a bag of stolen sweet sugar. Of course it ain’t really stolen because if she was Woke she’d give me far more than I could take. I’m simply joining God and the angels in loving on her while she rest. When she wakes she’ll no doubt look over at me fast asleep. She’ll notice the residue of sugar on my lips and the smile on my face. It’s the face of a happy man who enjoys stealing kisses from his Good girl.

I love you


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