In Between The Sheets!!

In Between These Sheets

Hello 2am. It’s dark, cozy, comfortable, and the mood is right. I am in the middle of the bed staring at this black ceiling as if it’s outer space. I have all kinda thoughts running through my head. Something’s brewing. It feels like a threesome is about to go down. There are three willing participants present and accounted for. I reach out to touch each one to make sure they consent to what is about to happen. To my left is my guitar and laptop is on my right. A single person’s love triangle, give or take a few items. No one selfishly competes for attention because sharing is what we do. No need for introductions, we all know each other. This is not our first rodeo. We’ve worked together on several occasions in this same place and space. A lot of moving and everybody gets some touches tonight baby. I’m feeling myself. I am the center of attention and pleasure. Everyone is summoned here at my behest. You know I’m blowing up and it’s about to go down if I’m using the word “behest” at 2am. I would buckle my seatbelt if I were you.

What’s most important is me and making sure that I get what I need, is the top priority. Neither one of them can do it without me. They both want and need me. The computer needs me to turn it on and I am the only one that can make the guitar make certain sounds. They need the big man but I need them as well. I need the tools of my trade. A carpenter needs a hammer and saw. An artist needs paint and a brush. I need my tools. Please don’t deny me my tools. Temperamental they both are. My computer gets hot and even shuts down if I don’t touch her and the guitar gets all out of tune, if I don’t rub her that right way.

I need them both to express my creativity. They both are equally invested in me being great this morning. What’s in me, must come out. Over the years, I have noticed that the more my thoughts get out, the better I feel. It is truly a fair exchange with the Universe. The more I put out, the more the Universe offers me to see and experience.

The potential that lay between these sheets is phenomenally limitless when you think about it. The New York Next Best Seller could surface or the next Grammy Award winner hit song could be anxiously waiting to be discovered between these sheets. I swear it sounds right to do this, surround yourself with creativity pushers and pullers. Not at the local watering hole or community gathering place, but the secret solitude place where your thoughts and voice can singularly be expressed and heard without interference. Add to your thoughts, vehicles to transport same said ideas and we have us a perfect power party going on. I am the director and conductor of this choir symphony and it all starts on my signal.

Maybe this is my argument and colorful cover for why single people have beds filled with so much clutter. Could this possibly be a front for why our beds look like the NASA Space Command station? Well what’s the alternative? Would I prefer an attentive, overzealous, gorgeous, hot love goddess pawing all over me instead? Of course!! It ain’t on the menu so I’ll go with what I got. I’m sure, the day that she shows up, the guitar will rest in the case in the closet and the computer will charge on the night stand. They both will be forced to reluctantly watch the synchronized love dance of human beings being played out before their eyes. As for now, stay focused you two, between these sheets. This morning, for the record, I have written a portion of a love song and this crazy piece, as I lay…..between these sheets.

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