In Search of Lightning!!

As the voice recorder turned back on in my head, I heard the words, “In Search of Lightning.” I guess it’s typical of creatives to search for different ways to explain the phenomenon of finding inspiration. Mystical and magical at best but depressing and frustrating at its worst. It’s the writer/ musician/ creative’s lot.

This morning, my description of choice seems to flow at being in search of Lightning. I’ve seen programs and movies about storm chasers but have you ever seen anyone chasing and trying to catch a lightning bolt? A typical Lightning flash is about 300 million volts and about 30,000 amps. That’s a lot of power to party and play with if you can catch and harness it.

For the average creative and musician, our response is, “Saddle up partner!! I’m down for the ride!” It may buck and kill me but the eight seconds of joy is both mind blowing and breathtaking. Never mind some stitches, a few bruised ribs and broken bones, Did you see me ride that sucker??? That’s the question!!

You doing what? You are walking around looking in the sky and attempting to predict when the next lightning bolt will streak across the sky and touch down close enough that you can catch it? The short answer is yes!! I’ve never been addicted to any substance in my life but I assume the creative’s thirst must be similar. A crackpipe just wants to be used. Maybe it’s the joy of being a conduit between God and people? I assume it’s cut by the time it reaches me and then my feeble attempt to use words to deliver and package it, further cuts it. By the time it reaches the street consumer, it’s palatable and enjoyable. I’m just guessing.

What ever it is, I want it!!! There is a famous church hymn where the lyric declares, “And the joy we share as we tarry there, none other has ever known.” It’s kinda like that.

At times, Days seem like months and I’m sure months seem like eternity. I’m glad I haven’t experienced a lightning-less month yet. I think I’d better come up with a healthy outlet other than eating so when the day arrives, I’ve not overwhelmed myself with cookies and cakes. No need in battling the wait and weight!!

I recognize there is no rehab for lightning bolt chasers. We just meander around like zombies begging for some of the good stuff!! You can find us on park benches, in cars and in book stores staring into space with our mouths open like baby birds waiting for Momma to feed us. You can find us somewhere, watching and waiting to receive a transmission from our planet as if we are aliens like Mork from Ork.

Well, I hope I haven’t wasted a good lightening bolt. There is no viagra for creatives. There is no way to prolong the strike. We have to make good use of a hot bolt. This reminds me of Golf actually. All the golfer needs is one good hit and he or she will be back. If they’ve lost all twenty balls in one round of golf, the one good hit is enough to ensure a return visit to the course. Like Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “We’ll be back!!”

Take heart lightning chaser!! He who seeks, finds and he who plays with fire shall surely get the crap burned out of them.

Keep Chasing it!!


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