I’m Missing YOU!!

It’s becoming a bit too unbearable. I can’t take it much longer. Preoccupation was once a short term remedy used to reconcile my pain and crave but just like a baby with a pacifier, my soul comes to know the distinct difference and what used to hold me can no longer.

I used to think that the distance was designed to train me in the area of patience but torture seems to have assumed the supervisory position. If extended moments away from you is dues to be paid, I’d rather pay the whole lump sum up front. I can’t take this.

There are people together everyday but have no enthusiasm or excitement when it comes to spending time with the one they are with. I CAN’T WAIT!! Nothing is wrong with me. I’m supposed to reach for your hug, wish for your kiss, dream of your passion, salivate for your sensuality. I’m suppose to!! I’m suppose to dance in place when you pull up, sling suds and sing in the shower, lotion up grease dance while getting dressed, self talk in the mirror about what I’m gonna do to you!! I’m suppose to!!! If your mate don’t fuel your fire, you need some new wood!!! It’s not ok!! Hurry up!!! Long walks and talks I refuse to do without you. Intimate touches and endearing embraces belong only to us. This is some bull. My food is bland, the ice has an aftertaste, my pillow is hard, my sheets are cold, and my comforter is flat, the cookies are……still good but NOT GOOD ENOUGH TO KEEP ME!!! Could you hurry up? We have the Carnival to go to!! Cotton Candy smells and me all up on you standing line is what I’m thinking. Ain’t nothing social about the lack of distance between us in the line of the Spider Monkey!! I’m gonna be so close to you, we won’t need but one ticket!! There I go all off on a tangent!! It would be no different if were sixteen!! The only difference is you and your beaded French braids, jellies and me with my tank top and curl!! Same thang!!!

Im about to jump and don’t send a negotiator/ crisis professional!! I don’t need counseling or a someone who will call to talk some sense into me. Calm down Wil!! Wil ain’t crazy!! I KNOW WHAT I WANT!! Instant gratification is the desire of the materialistic but this is way past temptation and impatience. I’m about to jump on a plane, train, boat, motorcycle, scooter, skateboard, surfboard or rollerblades!! I see why Forrest Gump walked from one coast to the other!! It makes sense to me!! Forrest had his Jenny and I have you. Life is like a box of chocolates? No, life is like a box of dynamite!! I feel like the man who slaps the guy and says, “Pull yourself together man!!

I recommend we develop a plan post haste lest Wil the meek and mild become WIL THE TYRANT! Guess I’ll go assault a treadmill and violate several gym machines. Don’t mind me, I’m just missing you.


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